Club Camping

Registered Clubs

Members contact your Club Admin

  • BeDub
  • Berkshire Transporters
  • Brick Rats
  • Cornblowers
  • Cornwall VW Owners Club
  • Devon Dubsporters
  • Dorset Dub Club
  • Dorset Golfs
  • Dub Junkies
  • Dubvag
  • Kentish VW Klub
  • New Beetle Club
  • New Forest Dub Club
  • PACE (Plymouth Air-cooled Enthusiasts)
  • Rat B*$%*#d Crew
  • The Dub Club
  • VW Transporters SW
  • Wimborne VW Club

Ticket Discounts & Allocated Club Camping

Club Members

If your club is listed here, please don’t book individual tickets online! Contact your Club Admin or representative and organise your booking through them.

If your club is not listed, please consider contacting your Admin or representative and getting them to organise a ticket discount and camping area for you.

Club Admins / Representatives

A Ticket Discount is available to your Club Members, and an allocated Club Camping area is available to clubs booking and paying for a minimum of 8 vehicles/pitches by 30th May.

Please contact RichieĀ – using the form below – for details of the discount and options (such as booking a portable toilet for your allocated area) and with any special requests; we can then add your club to the list. Please ensure your Members know they shouldn’t order tickets from this website – instead via you as Club Admin and when you know the numbers required a club booking can be arranged with Richie.

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